Dalian Sanxin Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd was founded in 2009 August, is a set of precision sheet metal, welding, small factory small non-standard equipment production and processing machinery. The factory covers an area of 4000 square meters, construction area of 3000 square meters, the existing staff of 35 people. The company in line with quality, satisfied that the period of price, can let the customer trust business philosophy, long service in Japanese customers and domestic foreign-funded enterprises. At present, the products are mainly exported to countries with Japan and the United kingdom.

Correlation Trading: Dalian Harima Trade Co. Ltd. the company was founded in 2005, with independent import and export rights, has long been engaged in related equipment, mechanical parts and mold import and export business, has a wealth of experience in foreign trade.

Main equipment: A:AMADA CNC bending machine 2 sets, 1 sets of NC shearing machine, flame cutting machine 1 sets, OTC plasma cutting machine 1 sets, 3 sets of NC lathe,

Sawing machine 2 units, 2 milling machine, radial drilling, reaming, drilling and other 4 sets of silk

B:OTC two oxygen welding machine 7 sets, argon arc welding machine 7 sets, 1 sets of small SUZUKI bead processor, ultrasonic cleaning machine 1

C: Mitutoyo micrometer 3, Mitutoyo digital calipers 3, Mitutoyo, height gauge 1, inside and outside diameter micrometer, gauge, hardness testing,

Roughness measurement standard of comparison sheet, R angle ruler, C angle ruler

Operating items: A: precision sheet metal processing, Maohan

B: precision cutting department of mechanical parts processing, device processing

C: welding, non - standard equipment of the small steel structure

D: design, checking fixture for machining automation production line, and the processing of punching, plastic mold parts


Dalian Sanxin Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd

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